ALPHALIMA NIG.LIMITED is a wholly owned Nigerian Company incorporated to Procure and Provide Personnel to Producing companies and EPC companies for the construction of Production facilities, Process Plants and pipelines in the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry.

The company is staffed with seasoned Nigeria Professionals of high integrity, moral rectitude and aggregate years of petroleum industry experience.

The desire to work with and meet the needs of her esteem clients has resulted in the steady growth of operations and development of our expertise in the Nigerian Oil & Gas servicing Market. The execution strategy in the core business areas is pivoted around increased efficiency, reduced costs and best possible value added delivery.

Worldwide and local knowledge of the management team and employees differentiate ALPHALIMA NIG.LIMITED in the market.
Employees are trained with the most updated latest knowledge and information in their field.



Founded in 2011 to cater for Nigeria’s emerging oil and gas industry, AlphaLima Nigeria Limited is a leading Engineering and Corrosion control services provider. We are backed by a management team with extensive experience in the oil and gas industry. AlphaLima Nigeria Limited offer solutions that address business problems. Our aim is to provide a total endto-end solution in the corrosion control industry. Our Team of professionals are experts with extensive experience in:

  • Industrial Sandblasting & Gritblasting (SANS standards of S.a 2.5 to S.a 3)
  •  Coating (Conventional Spray Method or Airless Spray Method)
  •  Cathodic Protection of Pipelines and Oil Installations
  •  Petroleum Product Storage Tank Cleaning and Maintenance
  •  Maintenance of Barges and other Marine Vessels
  • Scaffolding
  • Welding & Fabrication
  • Procurement & Supplies
  • Equipment Maintenance & Hiring
  • Consultancy & General Contracting

We implement Total Quality Management (TQM) in all operations, guided by international and industrial standards. In all our operations, Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) standards and procedures are meticulously employed. This is in line with our consummate belief that Standard, Quality and Safety are ultimately the cheapest options. Without specialized machinery and technical know-how, standard procedures cannot be applied. We therefore place a premium on continuous equipment/machinery acquisition and technical development of our staff. Being properly equipped is part of
our strategy for meeting the Service Level Agreement of our customers aside from delivering on quality

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Fundamental success for ALPHALIMA NIGERIA LIMITED is those basic values which have guided our progress since our founding.

Our word is our bond

Clients and suppliers are like partners. We endeavour to practice the Golden Rule in all of our relations with others.

Quality is our first priority
We must achieve customer satisfaction by delivering quality products and services. We will always remember: No job or service is good for ALPHALIMA NIGERIA LIMITED unless it fulfills our customers’ expectation.

Customers are the focus of everything we do
As a Company we must never lose sight of the commitment we make to those who seek our services. Our deep-seated philosophy is that “Business goes where it is invited and stays where it is well accepted”

Integrity is our commitment
The conduct of our Company’s affairs must be pursued in a manner that commands respect for its honesty and integrity

Our Quality Management System is based on API ISO-9001:2000 Standard. The System ensures Compliance with International Standard Quality Practices in all our business activities from inception to completion. Our Technical Quality Management System (TQMS), SMS, and EMS are highly effective methods of ensuring that we, our Sub-contractors, technical partners and Suppliers meet the highest standards. The Systems are also designed to match effectively with our Clients Procedures to form an integrated Project Management Strategy.

Quality Objectives

Main objectives for any contract are to ensure that:

  • Contract quality requirements are implemented and controlled by working in a systematic manner to formal procedures / work instructions.


  • All products and services whether supplied by the Project Management team, sub-contractors or other suppliers conform to contractual and regulatory requirements.


  • Facilities are designed, constructed, installed and commissioned in a safe, reliable, operable and maintainable mode.


  • All deliverables are checked and verified before issue so that any error or deficiency is detected at an early stage and timely remedial action taken.


  • Quality Assurance is fundamental to all products and services delivered by ALPHALIMA NIG.LIMITED.


Professional Service

The company is staffed with seasoned Nigeria Professionals of high integrity, moral rectitude and aggregate years of petroleum industry experience